Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Here we are!

Hey there!
First off, have some patience with me as this is my first attempt at blogging. Secondly, I promise I won't be one of those blog pages that's filled with endless glorified facebook statuses and boring stories about each of my kids' favorite colors. No, this will be a blog documenting the real life for a Mother of five, and (as the title of my blog gives away) all the machinations I come up with. Insert evil laugh. Also, it will be a place to find craft projects that are family friendly, low budget decorating fun, and a whole list of other things I'll be posting pictures and tutorials of as I glean the meat from the bones of my creativity, and admittedly, Pinterest. ;) Hey, a girls' got to get her ideas from somewhere!
Lastly, my hopes for this blog are that it might be an outlet for me to share my hard learned life lessons, valuable tricks, and trials that I hope to never repeat- in addition to providing some support for those out there that are living this fun, hard, messy, beautiful, blessed life with me! You are not alone, and I'm glad I'm not either!